Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quixotica is Growing ...

Quixotica is pleased to announce the addition of a new FOQ-er, or Friend of Quixotica, Miss Lindsey "Trill" Bledsoe.

Lindsey, a lover of words and a talented writer in her own right, will be contributing illustrations periodically to the website. In fact, she will be our lead illustrator, our VP of illustration, and our CEO of pictures all rolled into one. And whatever else she wants to call herself.

Bledsoe, who recently moved to the area from Arkansas, is a senior in high school in the vast suburban sprawl of Northern Virginia. She will be attending college shortly, though the exact destination of this talented artist is as of yet undetermined. Wherever she decides to ply her trade, Bledsoe's ambition and search for la dolce vita will surely carry her far.

"I aspire to be a traveler, to study Tango in Argentina, smell the fresh bread every morning in France, sail the Mediterranean, explore the Brazilian jungles, and live in a penthouse in Santa Fe.," reads Bledsoe's Facebook profile. "I'd like to either become a journalist/art columnist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, or a sort of jack-of-all trades mix. I'd also like to minor in Psychology, and flip houses on the side. Eventually, someday I'd love to own a gallery."

Lindsey will also be doing some undercover work for Quixotica, ... as the eyes and ears at ground zero of one of the most fertile incubators of modern invented slang -- high school.

And apparently she's pretty handy with this Internet thing that the kids are using these days. Maybe she could show this old dog a thing or two about how to run a blog. In fact, I bet she knows how I can repair my "submission" button at the top right of the page, so my dedicated readers can submit all their clever neologisms right from our site.

Lindsey is a fan of House and 24 (arguably the two best shows on network television) and knows the true meaning of Bauer-ing it. An accomplished blogger and artist, samples of Lindsey's work can be found by clicking on the following links:

Deviant Art -- Samples of Lindsey's portfolio

Trill Spots --This is Lindsey's personal blog, where she waxes poetic about Zen, World Lit class, office chair-itis and the art of blog maintenance

BrickFilms.Com -- Lindsey is an administrator for this website. That's all I know. I have not been cleared for any additional information at this point

Did You Know?

In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Trill are a species of symbiotic lifeforms native to the Alpha Quadrant. Their home world is also named Trill. Trill is a very sparsely populated planet with only a few million inhabitants. Its oceans are predominantly purple.

Now I know. God Bless You, Wikipedia.

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