Sunday, January 6, 2008

Alt-Tabbing (-er)(-erry)


n., the act of navigating successfully (and quickly) back and forth between multiple open computer applications using the "alt" and "tab" keystroke shortcut; achieved by holding the "alt" key in a depressed position and pressing down the "tab" button a single time to toggle from one program to another.

Examples of this technique include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Switching between complementary applications for an editing-related purpose (cut-and-paste, copying, etc.)

  • For the purpose of dissimulation, i.e., to create the appearance that you are using one application while really using another. This is typically done to avoid detection by a colleague, friend, spouse, supervisor or similar authority figure. Examples include any prohibited non-work-related websites (MySpace, Facebook, Ebay, ESPN, GMail), game programs (solitaire, hearts, Yahoo Games) or an application that may be particularly embarrassing or revealing (chat rooms, pornography or any graphic NSFW site)

  • Showing off one's keyboard-related dexterity

  • To give the impression that one is working harden on a project/assignment than one really is

"In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea for Jake to his use his workstation PC to participate in his fantasy baseball draft and download songs to his Ipod. After all, it was his first week on the job and his first job out of college. Thankfully, his expert alt-tabbing left his boss and co-workers none the wiser. In fact, his uncanny ability to avoid detection only spurred him on to more frequent and reckless workstation personal use."

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