Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Duke

The Duke noun, verb (duk-ing) also The Dook

n., the maneuver one must perform upon realizing that his/her (though usually his) lavatory is out of toilet paper. The Duke is an undoubtedly awkward, wide-stanced walk, resembling the cautious, purposeful gait of its namesake, John Wayne. This stride is used to either travel to another stall which may have paper (in the case of public restrooms) or to wander around anxiously in hopes of finding an alternative means detoxing one's rim.

"During Sunday service, I went to the can to take care of something evil, and next then I knew, I was doing The Duke halfway around the chapel until I found a facility with the proper supplies."
(Submitted by L'il Dom)

See also two-ply-ability

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