Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sports Junkies Lingo ...

The Sports Junkies are masters of the invented word or phrase. Just talk to any of their loyal listeners and you're bound to hear a smattering of Junkies lingo.

For those of you who live outside the Washington DC metro area, The Sports Junkies are four buddies from PG County, MD, who blew up on the WJFK airwaves starting in the summer of 1996. John Auville (Cakes), Eric Bickel (EB), Jason Bishop (Lurch) and John-Paul Flaim (JP) started a cable access tv show in Bowie in 1995 and now they've taken over the coveted morning drive slot on 106.7 FM WJFK in DC .

Here's a taste of some of the Junkies' distinctive patois.

Disclaimer: These are not my words. I did not create them. Please learn more about the Sports Junkies at They're money.

An uncircumcised penis. The animal's tapered head resembles a penis with an intact foreskin.

Avril Lavigne:
[av-ril la-veen]

To complicate, often unnecessarily. From Lavigne's hit song Complicated.

“Cakes was money after having two kids, but when the third came along, his life got totally Avril Lavigned.”

Bet Book:
A documented record, kept by Cakes, of the frequent wagers between the Junkies that take place during the show.

To be disdainful of or dissatisfied with a situation.

"She was bitter I didn't stay at home and watch the kids."

To make a mistake; this is also used to reference a verbal error or factual confusion, in which case the inaccuracy may be documented in a “Botch Book.”, a known annoyance to listeners.

Very, extremely; usually used as a prefix, e.g., Butt-trifling

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