Sunday, December 30, 2007

TiVoidance ...

n.,1. the act of shunning all potential information outlets (radio, television, I-Phone, BlackBerry, other human beings) so as to keep the outcome of a "TiVo-ed" sporting event a mystery and be able to resume its viewing at any time.

Also applies to reality shows, sitcoms and any other "must see" programming

Big ups for this word go to Jeremy (aka "Robert") McLaughlin, who should have a lot of time to invent new words now that he is a world-class professional poker player. Congrats on the NPL Vegas Open win, Jeremy! Two for two at final tables and nine money finishes in 2007!! Ranked #405 in the world!!!!

The inspiration:

1. I fell asleep last night before the end of the New England game, but I had it Tivoed so I could watch the rest this morning. When I woke, before I watched the rest of the game, I went out for some Dunkin Donuts and The Post, but I didn't want to see the outcome in The Post before I watched the end of the game, so I looked at the paper just enough to see it was Sunday's paper, being very careful not to comprehend any of the pictures or headlines that would give away the ending.

2. The next situation had to do with the Redskins game tonight. Again, I had it Tivoing around the beginning of the 2nd quarter when I went out to get a pizza. When I came back I had to rewind to where I left, but also had to try not to see the score or what was happening.

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