Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tourbillon ...

I'd like to thank Mr. Terry Allison Jr. at the Quixotic Watch Company for our most recent submission. Terry Allison Jr. is the president and CEO of Quixotic Watch Company. Mr. Allison has worked in the watch business for more than ten years with more than seven years of manufacturing and design experience. Mr. Allison has designed watches for many celebrities and has created beautiful one-of-a-kind creations for his clients. Celebrities like Steven Seagal, Ben Afleck, Celine Dion, Dennis Hopper, and Rob Lowe among others wear watches designed by Terry Allison Jr.

Based in Las Vegas, the Quixotic Watch Company makes precision-crafted, high-end watches that are available in a variety of case materials including copper, steel, 18k gold, and platinum.

Very cool website. Check it out.

"Quixotic Watch Company is currently considering sponsorship of athletes including golfers, race car drivers, and other top level athletes." (from the Quixotic Watch Company website)
Maybe they'd consider sponsoring my blog?

(Below is the original text of Terry's "tourbillon" post)


A device in some mechanical watches that eliminates timekeeping errors caused by slight variations due to shifts in gravity when a watch changes position during use. The round carriage or "cage" of the tourbillon holds the mechanisms that rotate the wheels, and thus the hands of the watch, in a continuous rate of once per minute.

The action of a tourbillon resembles that of a windmill.

Thus - the word "tourbillon" seems a perfect fit to by submitted by Quixotic Watch Company to the Quixotica blog.
Yes it does Terry. Yes it does.

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