Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mischromatrimony ...



n., the manifestation of a poorly selected color scheme as part of the rite and ceremony of marriage;

Examples include, but are not limited to the following

  • garish, tacky color schemes (linens, tables, etc.)

  • unattractive, outmoded bridesmaid apparel (usually including taffetta, some shoulder pad action and large, poofy "butt bows")

  • Cheap and poorly-designed floral arrangements

" ... There is no law that says their dresses have to match exactly, or that their dresses have to match flowers, table linens, and ribbons on the favors. Try for a palette of complimentary colors rather than trying to present everything from the corsages to the mints in one or two precisely matching colors." -- an anonymous post on the Catholic Answers Forum


rjm said...

Great start to your blog Dave! Looking forward to your first book.

I have a situation requiring your expertise--similar to the situation you posted earlier about when your eyes meet a stranger as you pass them while driving (have you invented a word for this yet?)-- this situation happened twice to me today both resulting from Tivo:

1. I fell asleep last night before the end of the New England game, but I had it Tivoed so I could watch the rest this morning. When I woke, before I watched the rest of the game, I went out for some Dunkin Donuts and The Post, but I didn't want to see the outcome in The Post before I watched the end of the game, so I looked at the paper just enough to see it was Sunday's paper, being very careful not to comprehend any of the pictures or headlines that would give away the ending.

2. The next situation had to do with the Redskins game tonight. Again, I had it Tivoing around the beginning of the 2nd quarter when I went out to get a pizza. When I came back I had to rewind to where I left, but also had to try not to see the score or what was happening.

Happy New Year! Hi Nan! -Woop!Woop! Go Skins! - rjm

rjm said...

I forgot to ask. Dave, do you frequent the Catholic Answers Forum for wedding advice regularly? Heather is getting married in April and could probably use a planner. - rjm