Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kindercare ...


n., an emotional response or state of mind relating to the objective (and perfectly normal, I might add) non-sexual appreciation of a younger person who may be precociously attractive; also reflects a belief that one can "tell" if an "admired" young person will grow up to become an exceedingly attractive or handsome adult.

I imagine this word could also describe someone like my mom going ga-ga over some young, male heartthrob on American Idol. Does she want to act on her cute little crush on Chris Daughtry? Of course not. Never in a million years. But the appreciation exists nonetheless, and it should have its own word for it.

I think men and women -- young and old -- know when they see someone who will likely turn out to be good-looking/knockout/ahunk/etc. when they mature. The same could probably said for the opposite feeling, ... a sense that a young person is precociously unattractive ... like a baby or toddler that you can tell from an early age has "ugly" potential

Oh yeah, and the word "kindercare" has nothing to do with the wholesome "preschool" corporation that shares the same name.

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