Friday, January 25, 2008

More Junkies Lingo ...

For those of you who don't live in the thriving metropolis of Northern Virginia, the Junkies are four regular dudes with a popular radio show on one of DC's most popular FM stations. If you had to fit it into a category, you'd call it sports talk radio. But a lot cooler. See for yourself ...

By popular demand, more tasty slang nuggets from WJFK's The Sports Junkies
(Excerpted from

Derived from a gambling and poker term, meaning to have little or no money. As used by the Junkies, it describes something that is undesirable or of low quality because of its small stature.

For example, Cakes had to park his rented pickup truck on the street because it was too large for his nubbins garage. A small mobile phone would not be considered a nubbins phone, however, because smallness is a desirable trait in mobile phones.

Nubbinsville, attending Nubbinsville State, and being on nubbins street refer to being poor.

a short fact or piece of information. Another variation is "nug-let".

The number of partners a women has had. See “Whore or Bore.” As with the "sportcenter" generation, the alternate Spanish interpretation of "nombre" is also socially acceptable.

Okey doke
Someone whose been tricked or duped

Beating someone really bad. "The Lakers pummeled the Jazz."

Put forth little effort, as in a segment, full show, interview, etc. Although the term is used by people all over and is not necessarily "Junkies lingo", the Junkies do often substitute the names of NFL kickers for the word ("I'm going to Hunter Smith the EP", referring to Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith).

Ricky is actually a euphemism used sporadically in PG County some 20 years ago. It is the shortened version of Richard. While the obvious nickname would be Dick, Ricky serves as a witty device to go the long way and refer to someone as a "dick".

In years past you might hear Lurch refer to another as "Richard Cranium", that is translated to "Dick Head". Usually pronounced "Riiiickay". Alluding to former Miami Dolphins football player Ricky Williams, this Junkism refers to any person who makes poor decisions, such as Williams who has been repeatedly suspended and fined for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.


u-Lu-Lu said...

dude, thank you for this. i listen to Mike O'Meara every day and am very familiar with the Junks, even though I don't listen to their show. Their slang is both awesome and perplexing, and it's nice to get the etymology of the lingo I wasn't sure of, like "Ricky." Here's to wjfk.

Anonymous said...

O'Meara SUCKS donkey junks!!!!!!!!!!